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Natural Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies are a collection of 38 natural solutions designed to address specific negative emotions in your pet. These plant and flower-based remedies are available at Meadowbrook Animal Healing, and we can help you find the individual remedy or combination of treatments to help aid in your pet's emotional recovery. From shy, timid pets to aggressive, domineering ones, Bach Flower Remedy is there to help.


You can also pick up the Rescue Remedy blend, which is a combination of 5 of the original 38 remedies designed to help in times of stress or emotional upheaval. This blend has been used by pet lovers and vets for over 75 years.

  • Shyness and timidity

  • Shock or distress

  • High-strung and overly-energetic

  • Adjusting to changes in the home

  • Domineering personality

  • Possessiveness and territoriality

  • And more


Helping with emotional discomforts


Dr. Walski is certified as a Bach Flower practitioner for animals and their humans. Ask for more information.